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Platters & Boards

All boards can be customized to meet your dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, non-pork, halal, etc.). Boards are not intended to replace a meal, as they are snacking/appetizer portions ONLY.

Plates and napkins are not included.

Small - $65

Ideal for groups of 4, featuring 3 cheeses, 2 meats, and a variety of seasonal fruits, veggies, and nuts, served on an eco-friendly palm leaf platter. 

Add Crackers for $5 or Bread and Crackers Box for $35 for a complete experience.

Medium - $110

A generous selection to satisfy 6-8 people, with 4 cheeses and assorted meats, complemented by seasonal produce and gourmet condiments, beautifully presented on a classic wooden board.

Add Crackers for $5 or Bread and Crackers Box for $35 to enhance your board.

Large - $165

Perfect for larger gatherings, this board serves 10-12 and includes 5 premium cheeses, meats, and an array of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Add Crackers for $5 or Bread and Crackers Box for $35 to cater to all tastes. 

Family - $245

Our most extensive offering, designed to cater up to 20 snacks with a selection of 6 to 7 cheeses and meats, complemented by fresh seasonal accompaniments. Good for about 20 people. 

Enhance your experience by adding Crackers for $5 or a Bread and Crackers Box for $35, ensuring every snack is a delight.

Besides Cheese

Crudites - $100

Perfect for any occasion! Our offer includes a selection of fresh, colorful vegetables, perfectly paired with creamy hummus and one additional dip. Served on an elegant 11×14 wooden board, this assortment is sure to delight your guests and add a touch of sophistication to your gathering.

Fruit - $100

Ideal for any gathering! This delightful assortment features a selection of seasonal fruits, beautifully arranged on an 11×14 wooden board. It’s a fresh and vibrant offering that will add a splash of color and natural sweetness to your event. Perfect for enhancing any table setting with elegance and taste!


Individual Serving. Minimum orders of 12 for each item

Cones - $11

Discover a unique and eco-friendly way to enjoy your favorite snacks! Our biodegradable wooden cones are filled with an appetizing mix of Manchego and cheddar cheeses, salami, a fruit skewer, nuts, and a cracker. This creative serving style not only looks fantastic but also offers a convenient and delightful taste experience. Perfect for parties, events, or a special treat on the go!

Cups - $13

Enjoy a delightful and sustainable snacking option with our recyclable cups! Each cup is thoughtfully filled with two types of cheese, salami, a fruit skewer, nuts, and a cracker. This combination offers a delicious and convenient way to indulge in a variety of flavors, perfect for any occasion where you want to impress guests with both taste and environmental consciousness.

Snack Box - $20

Introducing our gourmet snack box, perfectly packaged for your enjoyment! Inside, you’ll find a curated selection of two cheeses and one type of meat, complemented by seasonal fruit, crunchy crackers, and a handful of nuts. A side of jam adds a sweet touch to this savory assortment. Please note that ingredients and garnishes may vary based on availability. This snack box is an excellent choice for a delicious and convenient treat anytime, anywhere.

Canapes - $45

Delight in our elegant selection of canapés, each a small bite of bready goodness topped with a variety of exquisite toppings. Choose from veggie, lox, or salami options to suit every taste. This set of 12 canapés is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any gathering, making your event memorable with flavors that cater to all your guests’ preferences.

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Individual Serving. Minimum orders of 12 for each item.